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Assessing the Ability to Pay







Forward Looking

Our model (vs. FICO) takes into consideration not only missed payments, but also forward looking projections and current status. 

Well Tested Algorithm

We have over one million proven statistics that prove our model. 


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AIGL Score - Assessing the Ability to Pay

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Kristen Ayer

Kristen developed this idea when she refinanced and purchased several homes. The fluctuation of FICO is very high and there are severe shortcomings of the model, as it does not include AIGL (Assets, Income, Growth, Longevity) leaving the banks to have to ask for all of this information separately, causing longer times to closure. AIGL will solve this time delay and provide more clarity to closure. She has her MS from BC and founder of NETCIRQ, Pisces Partners, REYA Partners, and previously with Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and Moody's.

Traci Ray, PhD.

 Dr. Ray brings a vast knowledge to the team, spending two decades as portfolio manager for two hedge funds. Additionally she brings the wealth of knowledge as professor for two universities. She is an adviser and oversees the integrity of the algorithm as she has vast experience in the area, formerly with Moody's Analytical team.

Adihitya Venkates

Adi joins AIGL from Stanford University, MS in Statics. Previously with E*Trade, he is well versed in not only statistical analysis but also financial engineering.